We are swimrunners and explorers.

We love swimrun but go beyond races, crowds and set routes.

We developed adventure swimrun in our quest for the unexplored. We wear light shoes, wetsuit and paddles and cross whatever we encounter. We bring compass, tents and waterproof maps be independent and to counter whatever obstacle we encounter.

We bring beer to reflect, recoup and appreciate.


We go off-trail terrain, open water and ultra distance.

The reward is an experience in absolute proximity to nature and camraderie based on cooperative achievements.





In 2015 we are again doing our 200k Stockholm Archipelao Ultra Adventure.

Follow this record breaking expedition and our other adventures here.


In 2015 we did the longest swimrun in the Stockholm archipelago to date

and the second longest ever done.

Arholma to Mörtö - Bunsö, some 50 islands - 160K.


This summer a few adventurers can join us on an epic four day, 140K swimrun adventure.

In 2017 we will be able to accommodate more spots and one more destination, Lofoten.


We explore for real, further out, farther distance, while maintaining safety and the most scenic routes. We always have boat suport, keep costs down and adventure up by combining hostels with camping. Our adventures include transport from recommended airport, food, maps and equipment.


We do our swimrun adventures as a small team, 4-8 members,

approx 35k of trail running and ow-swimming per day.


We pick the most scenic route through

the Stockholm archipelago, coast to coast Lofoten

or where ever go.



adventure swimrun